Listen and read Armenian tales, then participate

in our contest to win


First things first: This is not a lottery or a chance game.

This is a contest which consists of certain number of tasks - riddles, proverbs, messages hidden in our tales.

All tasks are solvable. 

Submit correct answers and solve all tasks. Each correct answer will lead you to another task.

Sometimes to move to the next task you need the password. This can be a word, a string of words, or a phrase hidden the task.

You have to figure out that on your own.

It’s simple: The person who solves all tasks of the contest the fastest will be the contest winner and claim the contest prize.

Think, search, analyze and carefully read everything you see in front of you.

Involve your family and friends and increase your winning potential.

There is no limit on the number of attempts for each task.

You will need: paper, pencil or pen, and a printer could be useful to print out some of the tasks.

Skills required: no special knowledge or skills are required.

Listen, read, enjoy and investigate our tales to find hidden messages, proverbs, riddles and more.

Everyday life skills and a good level of college education are sufficient to solve most of the tasks in our contest and to win the Grand Prize.

Restrictions: you can participate in our contest only if you have purchased our tales.

Contest release date:  By December 2020. To be announced.

Contest duration: 7 days

Contest closing date: By December, 2020.

Click here to register and let success be with you.

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