About the Project

"Tales.am” presents a beautiful selection of positive and funny stories as the first audio edition of “Armenian tales in English”, handpicked from the treasury of Armenian folk heritage and retold by great classic storytellers Hovhannes Toumanian, Ghazaros Aghayan, Avetik Isahakyan..

Travis is the voice over narrator for award-winning documentaries and motion pictures which have air on PBS and other TV networks. His voice-over projects have included  Los Angeles Emmy award-winning educational series aired on PBS stations, many award-winning productions, including "America's 58 National Parks for Questar Entertainment" -which aired on PBS stations, the award winning "Crows of the Desert", the Emmy-Award winning PBS doc "Seeing Stars in Indiana", "OR-7-the Journey", projects for Google Earth's “Oceans” project, “Island of the Great White Shark”, “History of the Coronado Bay Bridge”, “Rockingham, the Road to Peace” and “In Search of Ambrosio Gonzales”, Disney and Dish Network and many others..ANAHIT

Travis's voice is confident, reassuring, sophisticated, intelligent and warm.

Oren Stein has over 30 years of experience in theater, stand-up comedy and public speaking. His voice can be heard in video games, commercials, dramatic podcasts and much more. Mick’s passion has always been bringing the written word to life through storytelling – making audiobooks a perfect fit.

Jan Holzner is two time GRAMMY Award winning music recording and mixing engineer.

He is known for  Arrival (2016), The Expendables (2010), District 9 (2009), Das Leben der Anderen (2006), Melancholia (2011), Act of Valor (2012), Grand Piano (2013), Fargo (TV series) (2014), How to Make Love Like an Englishman (2014), The Man Who Saved the World (2014) and many others.

He has productive co-operation with leading performers and ensembles, such as Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, The Royal Philarmonic Orchestra London and other renowned institutions. 

Miodrag Vartabedian, Varta (1933-2009) was a great master of graphic design known for his exceptional editions and numerous international graphic awards.

For many years he was the editor of Jugoslavenska Revija publishing house and professor of graphic design at the Polytechnic School of Applied Studies in Belgrade. Varta was member of renowned associations of artists ULUPUDS and ULUS.

Miodrag Vartabedijan was the author of great number of monographies. Among his important works are monographic editions about Pec Patriarchate, Russia, Hilandar, Gypsies of the World, China, Tibet, Studenica, Montenegro - Ecological State, Serbian Ecumenical Councils, Serbian Medieval Money. Some of his works are printed in 14 languages.

Varta was commissioned to create illustrations for Armenian Tales in 2005.

The portrait of Miodrag Vartabedian presented here has been created by his daughter Anamaria Vartabedian.


Gagik Shahinyan, artistic name Sha Ga (1958 - 2018) was born in 1958 in Yerevan, Armenia.

From earliest childhood he shows great aptitude for drawing and arts. After the primary studies he entered Panos Terlemezyan School of Fine Arts, and graduated in 1978.

Gagik Shahinyan participated in various exhibitions in Russia, Israel, France and Switzerland.

Ani Boyajyan completed her studies as architect at ARCHIP in Prague. 

Together wirh Anahit Boyajyan she is responsible for the graphic work, digitalization of illustrations, graphic design of the book and for the design of tales.am website.

Anahit Boyajyan completed her Master studies as architect at the CVUT in Prague. As an experienced digital graphic artist Anahit co-operates with various companies all over the world. Among her clients are renowned companies from USA to Australia.

Together wirh Ani Boyajyan she is responsible for the graphic work, digitalization of illustrations, graphic design of the book and for the design of tales.am website.

Aram Boyajyan is the co-ordinator of the project and the responsible person for the web development. He graduated from VSP in Prague with the degree of engineer in 2013.

Among his responsibilites is the development of the tales.am platform.

About the music background of the project

Each story from these albums is blended with unique and upbeat music created by famous composers and performed by professional musicians and orchestras.

We used music of Ruben Altunyan, Khachatur Avetisyan, Saint-Saens, James Brett, David Tobin, Jeff Meegan, Tim Garland, Paul Mottram, Julian Gallant, Neil Sidwell, Igor Dvorkin, Duncan Pittock, Ellie Kidd, Helen Jane Long, Ian Hughes, Tom Small, Patrick Hawes. All compositions are licensed to Varbo Corporation.

Every single piece of music has been selected by experts and synchronized with the story to match the most sensitive intonations and emotions of each tale.

This brings the experience of audio tale listening to new standards and will entertain the entire family for hours of joyful delight.

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